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We are an Army family! Miles was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6 and he is now 18 years old. Marley is Miles' Autism Service Dog and his best friend. This dynamic duo has been together for 8 years and look forward to many more adventures! 

For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love and sound judgement.  
                                                       2 Timothy 1:7



Above all, 
maintain an intense love for each other,
since love covers a multitude of sins.
                           1 Peter 4:8

Come along with us for an Adventure through
 Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

This Welcome Center has so much to see, let's get started

The boys are watching Adventures in Odyssey at the "Theater"
while Jeromy & I enjoy the Main Level 

Downward we journey to Whit's End 

There are 3 fun ways to travel:

HUGE slide, 
through the Atrium (the stairs) 
or ride the elevator

All 3 ways it is

Lots to see when taking the route through the Atrium

This whole level is for the kids & "kids at heart"

Sadly, no "squished" penny but they do have postcards

If you are a fan of Adventures in Odyssey, 
this is a must see---the stories really come to life

What can you spot at the Visitor and Nature Museum?

Miles spotted plenty of postcards and a penny "squisher" machine....

watch out for the "Buffalo" 

Who can climb to the Balanced Rock first?

Hurry Mom, this thing is heavy

As you can tell, ALL of the "boys" had a fun time exploring

They had so much fun that we visited this Park several times

Pikes Peak is in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains within Pike National Forest. 

There are a few different ways up the Mountain: 
Drive, Hike or Ride the Cog Railway

We chose to drive and stopped at many sights along the way

Miles found postcards and "squished" pennies at two of the visitor centers

Pikes Peak was named after explorer Zebulon Pike Jr. 

We reached the top
The Elevation here is 14,110 Feet above sea level

Yes the lack of oxygen does makes you feel......different

Oh Beautiful for spacious skies.....

For purple mountain majesties.....

America America

Yep that was inspired by these views.....
in 1893 Katherine Lee Bates came to the top of Pikes Peak
and wrote the Poem that became 

The Continental Divide

The next time we visit, the boys want to ride the Cog Railway

Learn about the Native Americas who lived in these unique dwellings at the Museum

Pssst.....they have post cards and "squished" pennies

What a COOL home 

Are these 2 "house hunting"?

Marley thinks they should keep looking......

Marley finds this one to be very spacious,

and it has a great view


They've agreed to take this one---it's easier to move

We had an excellent time walking through the Cliff Dwellings

As an Army Family when we travel, we have the option of staying at Military Lodging.

On this trip we were lucky enough to stay at the US Air Force Academy.
This place winds up a Mountain and has breath taking views!

While in the area we also visited Fort Carson Army Base
which has great views of the Mountains.

Mmmm.....Good Eats

Saltgrass Steak House

We had such a great time and can't wait for the opportunity to explore the rest of the State.


Check out the Colorado Visitors Guide

Have you had exciting adventures in Colorado.......let us know!

A Note about Miles' pennies: Friends of ours brought these penny "squishing" machines to our attention while visiting us on their vacation. Their kids loved locating the machines and enjoyed collecting these pennies as their souvenirs. Miles decided it would be fun to see how many he & Marley could collect on their many adventures! Besides the pennies Miles gets postcards from each adventure to send out to friends, family and one for his photo adventure album. 

What kind of souvenirs do you like to collect from your adventures?

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