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We are an Army family! Miles was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6 and he is now 15 years old. Marley is Miles' Autism Service Dog and his best friend. This dynamic duo has been together for 5 years and look forward to many more adventures! 

For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love and sound judgement.  
                                                       2 Timothy 1:7


Marley's Accessories

Be silent before the Lord and wait expectantly for Him;
                                                             Psalm 37:7a

We get asked often where we located Marley's equipment and accessories. There are several businesses that offer items for Service Dogs. I will only be mentioning the specific items we use with Marley and where they were purchased. 

As you can see we clearly have Marley marked as a Working Dog on both sides of his vest along with Do Not Pet. There are patches identifying what type of Service Dog Marley is and his Organization patch. You can see this Mesh Vest, Patches and more at Things 4 Your Dog. You can find the Purple Autism Service Dog Patch at Working Service Dog.

We have started using this vest because it is brighter and more reflective than the one pictured above. We were hoping the colors and single DON'T PET would be more of an attention grabber and have less people try to pet Marley (it seems to have worked). You can find this track jacket and collar at Ruffwear

The patch information helps immediately identify Marley to an establishment we are visiting that he is a Service Dog and is allowed into their store, as per the Federal Mandate under the Americans with Disabilities Act

If you ever have a problem or question about a Service Dog's entry into an establishment contact the US Department of Justice.

I have to admit people do NOT always pay attention to the patches on Marley's vest and will reach down to pet him as they pass by or will come up to ask us if their child can pet Marley.  The only place Marley is allowed interaction with other people is in our home.

Marley knows that when his vest gets put on it's time to work! PLEASE if you ever see a working team DO NOT ask to PET the Service Dog. It has taken a lot of training to teach the Service Dog to ignore other people when working. Petting causes the Service Dog to be distracted. It is also a distraction to the person (handler) who is working with the dog. A small distraction to you is a big distraction to them. Thank you for understanding. 

Marley LOVES to play in the snow! It's funny because he gets so excited when he sees snow that he plows through it running at full blast. As you can see he has a jacket for the Winter which is also clearly marked.  Marley wears this when he works in the cold or snow and it keeps him warm and dry. You can find this item at Lands' End.

This is Marley's life jacket which is also clearly marked with patches to identify him as a Service Dog and not a pet. Marley isn't fond of water like most Labradors so going to the beach is not one of his favorite trips! This life jacket can be found at Ruff Wear.

These "shoes" have been wonderful for the hot pavement and sand here in Florida! They protect all 4 paws and Marley wears them when we walk for an extensive period of time (amusement parks, zoos, etc), working in the snow, on the beach and during the summer when the asphalt gets extremely hot. 

If we received a dollar every time we heard someone say "That dog has on shoes," Marley would have been paid off a long time ago! The company we purchased the boots through is Ruff Wear

When we take Marley to the beach or movies he has this elevated bed that collapses for easier carrying. It has a mesh middle that allows for air flow which keeps him cool. Marley really enjoys our movie day outings! This Portable Pet Cot can be found at Petco.

Loading during the Winter for Marley can be more challenging so he uses a ramp. This ramp prevents him from having to jump in or out, reducing his chances for slipping on the ice. This item can be found at PetSmart.

When Marley rides in the Jeep he wears a safety harness with a chest plate which secures him to the seat. It gives us a peace of mind because in the event of a collision we don't have to worry about Marley being injured or becoming a projectile and injuring anyone else in the car. He really likes sitting next to Miles when going for long trips so he has to "click it" just like every other passenger! We found the harness and breastplate at Signature K9.

Marley rides in the back area of our Subaru which has a pet barrier that keeps him contained. He has a dog bed that he sits on to make his ride more comfortable. My husband picked up the pet barrier at Petco and Subaru.

Crosstrek barrier

Outback barrier

Our vehicles are well marked informing drivers that we are transporting a Service Dog. Our hope is that people will pay attention while driving and not tail gate. The Bumper Sticker was custom created at Zazzle. You can purchase the lettering at Do It Yourself Lettering.  

Miles is attached to Marley via a US Army Rigger's Belt. A Rigger's belt is outfitted with a triangular steel ring permanently attached to the belt. The leash is then attached to a locking snap link preventing a quick release. This prevents the dog from running away or Miles dropping the leash. We also have a loop sewn halfway down the leash so Miles can get a closer hold on Marley when needed. We purchased this Rigger's Belt at US Cavalry.

The bag that Miles carries for Marley contains the following:
*a supply of poop bags - can be found at any store
*bottle of water - filled fresh everyday
*foldable travel bowl - can be found at a pet store
*Marley's "shoes" - purchased at Ruff Wear
*reflective ankle bracelets - purchased at Harley-Davidson
*small LED flashlight - never know when you might need one 
(there is also a small one attached to the outside of the bag, it flashes when they are walking at night for visibility)
*bandages and tape - in case of injuries
*cell phone - for emergencies 
*In case of Emergency wallet - purchased at Maxpedition, has their medical information & ID's
*Snacks - for him & Marley
The bag itself was purchased through Maxpedition and is made to accept a water hydration system. 

People have asked us what kind of dog food we feed Marley. He use to be a picky eater who ate every 2 to 3 days. Since switching to Wellness CORE he eats all of his food daily. His coat is soft, shiny and his shedding has decreased. He seems to look forward to eating and gets excited now when Miles puts food in his bowl. He actually pouts when his bowl is empty so we have to keep 1 cup of food in it even though he may not eat it until the next day. I know this sounds strange for praising dog food but when a working dog would rather go hungry than eat his food that says a lot about a product! We have found this product at Petco & Petsmart. 

Marley does get "time off" from having to work. He enjoys running in the yard, taking naps and hanging out with his friends!

We hope this information has been helpful! If you have a Service Dog please let us know what kind of equipment you have found useful.


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  2. Thank you for your kind comments! We are happy to hear that you have found this info helpful :D

  3. Kaelynn12/02/2013

    My name is Kaelynn and I also have an autism service dog. Her name is Sabrina. I love the boots you have for your dog! I am planning to purchase some for my dog later this week. She also wears a blue vest with saddle bags. I keep my phone and wallet in them as I do not like carrying a purse.

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